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Totally Maxis Battleshipping


OTP (one true pairing): Don x Nina

OT3 (one true threesome): Johnny x Ripp x Ophelia

Favorite Female Ship: Jill Smith x Lucy Burb

Favorite Male Ship: Tybalt x Puck

Favorite Teen Ship: Lilith x Dustin

Favorite College Ship: Castor Nova x Jane Stacks

Favorite Elder Ship: Olive x Ichabod

Favorite May/December Ship (adult/elder): PT9 x Jenny

Favorite Married/Engaged Maxis Couple: Bella x Mortimer

Best Unrequited Love: Darren ——> Cassandra

Best Love/Hate Relationship: Titania x Oberon

Best Friends with Benefits: Don x Chloe Curious

Sweetest Ship: Daniel x Kaylynn

Hottest Ship: Michael x Dina

Funniest Ship: Natasha Una x John Mole

Favorite Uberhood Ship (sims from different hoods): Angela x Tank

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Totally Maxis Battleshipping: NOMINATIONS! →


Inspired by the Maxis Taste Ships Match of 2010, it’s time for Totally Maxis to celebrate sim love! You have until August 1st to nominate your favorite ships, which will then be put to the vote!


  • Nominees must be TS2 premades. (This includes playables, NPCs, townies, and dead…
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Toddler month project part 3: without comments

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I think you mean:


I think you mean:

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Couple little miscellaneous features left over from the work I’ve done so far on Family Time! A birthday invitations option for simmies’ birthdays and open-able gifts.

This isn’t the last of the pack. More to come soon!

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